Sesizi Voice Over Agency

In Sesizi Studios, first-class quality and trouble-free service is provided in many areas such as advertising voiceover, music, jingle, sound design dubbing.

All the voice actors we work with have been serving in their fields for a long time. Male,  female,  child, child, foreign language voice-over artists’ sample voices in various emotions and categories.  You can access the voice samples voiced by the artists with the directions on this page and  You can download the sounds to your computer. All of our artists, to whom you will listen to audio samples, are experts especially in commercial and promotional film voice-overs. You can also find popular names among the artists.  Voice actors The recordings of the vocalizations you will make with the voice actors are carried out in our highly equipped professional sound recording studio accompanied by an experienced director and sound technician.

The artist you want to work with and the entire Sesizi team never do their job to please you. Because they will not accept a voice-over that does not satisfy them  and they will never take it for granted. Many of our customers are involved in recording in the studio , but they are not very involved because here things always work with great love to achieve perfection. Sesizi voice-over agency gives free scholarships to young people who believe they are talented. Our aim here is to increase the quality of the sector  and to give an opportunity to really talented young people.

Most of our artists are affiliated and contracted voice artists of our agency and reside in Istanbul. Most of our voice actors serving in the field of foreign language are located in Istanbul . This provides a great advantage to our customers. In foreign language voice-overs, revisions may occur due to translation or changes in the final text, and  this situation may cause problems and prolong the delivery time due to the time difference in the voice-overs from abroad.

Once our customers who have just met us see how things work here and get to know us, they rarely come back for the next registration. There are also customers who want to participate in the recording but cannot come to our studio due to a meeting that coincides with the same time, for example . In this case we host our artist for an hour for the customer to listen to the recording and approve it. In the meantime, customer approval comes in or the customer may have a few revision requests. Approval is obtained or minor revisions are made before the artist leaves the studio. This saves our customers time and they do not have to pay an additional revision fee .